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Our main goal is to provide high quality essential services, particularly to the most vulnerable and at risk members of our community, but which meets the needs and circumstances of everyone across all generations - from babies to senior citizen - and from all cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

We also wish to provide a friendly and safe environment for all ages and backgrounds to meet each other, to share and learn from their interests and experiences, to expand their horizons and in turn help in their own way to improve areas like education, wellbeing and loneliness with their community.

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Sandy's Community Centre History

Craigmillar Boys' Club the brainchild of the Wastsonian's Pioneer Club, and Watson's (Boy Scouts), led by Alexander (Sandie) Somerville.


The Craigmillar Boys' Club opened in October of 1935, where Sandie was chosen to be the first Club Leader. This started in a disused church hall located in Peffermill Road, where within a short time the club had 90 members taking part in a verity of sporting activities. Thirty members of the Wastsonian's Pioneer Club helped get things going with volunteering to help run and organise activities.


Sufficient funds were raised from the Watson's Community, at home and worldwide for a separate, permanent building and to help run the club for the first five years.


The building was opened in 1939 at Craigmillar Castle Avenue, immediately the building was commandeered by the military as world war two had just begun.


The building was returned to the club and flourished despite the lack in adult helpers due to the war.


Sandie resigned as club leader.

Late 1950s

Local authorities were required to provisions for services, so funding came from Watson's school, Wastsonians Club and Edinburgh Corporation.


By 1960 the club was surviving, but had a chronic shortage of leaders. (Alexander (Sandie) Somerville died in 1961). A series of leaders were appointed, and in 1968 it got a full time experienced leader, Mr Headridge.


By 1972 80% of the club's finance came from Edinburgh Corporation and the link with Wastsonians Craigmillar Connection came to an end


Craigmillar Boys' Club Trustees granted to the City of Edinburgh Council a 20 year lease, to occupy and maintain the property in the same use as before, thus, the Council took on all the duties of care that were owed to the users og the Centre, and the compliance with statutory requirements present and future.


The building and surrounding land was still owned by the Trust but was leased to the City of Edinburgh on a 20 year lease which expired in 2004. In July 1996, the name was changed to Castleview Community Centre to reflect its evolution from a boys club to a community centre.


The current picture is that the building is owned by the Craigmillar Boys' club, leased (on tacit relocation) to the city of Edinburgh Council who are responsible for the running and maintenance of the building, and until recently, organising the centre programme. The Centre Management Committee has responsibility for the running of all other activities within the centre.

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